Bartenders Choice – Martin Fischer

Sometimes a guests walks into the bar for a cocktail not feeling like reading the entire cocktail menu through, not able to figure out how the cocktails on the menu will taste, or maybe have chosen a cocktail based solely on the name (and been disappointed subsequently) too many times, and instead give the bartender free hands and some key words to what he or she is looking for and want.

The challenge is not to invent a new cocktail, but based on the keywords to propose a classic cocktail, a classic cocktail with a twist, a cocktail from the current menu, or perhaps a new cocktail the bar or bartender are currently working on.

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Martin Fischer who is barmanager at Restaurant FF in Aarhus has given us his point of view on things and his suggestion for a serve meeting the requirements.

“We have a drink on our cocktail list that we usually suggest when we get a request like that.

The drink consists of Matcha infused Blended Scotch whisky, a dash of Absinthe, Cardamom and licorice syrup.
Lemon and Lime juice and a bit of egg white. Lastly its topped off with soda.

 For the most part people wrinkle their noses when they hear blended Scotch ( especially the ladies ? ) when they requested a fruity drink. But the Matcha tea and Scotch work really well together, and ends up giving the drink a subtle fruity character.”


6 cl. Tea infused Blended Scotch
1 cl. Lemon juice
1 cl. Lime juice
3 cl. Cardemom/liquorice syrup
3 dashes Absinthe
top with soda

Thanks Martin!

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