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Sometimes a guests walks into the bar for a cocktail not feeling like reading the entire cocktail menu through, not able to figure out how the cocktails on the menu will taste, or maybe have chosen a cocktail based solely on the name (and been disappointed subsequently) too many times, and instead give the bartender free hands and some key words to what he or she is looking for and want.

The challenge is not to invent a new cocktail, but based on the keywords to propose a classic cocktail, a classic cocktail with a twist, a cocktail from the current menu, or perhaps a new cocktail the bar or bartender are currently working on.

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Mads Schack recently moved to Aarhus for the bar manager position at Gedulgt. He got many years of experience in Copenhagen and now determent to try out new challenges at the newly open speakeasy bar       Gedulgt. The challenge is to serve a drink that is bold, fresh and fruity – preferably without any dairy products.

“When I get a request like that, I often go for one of our seasonal cocktail in the menu. A cocktail they might not have picked themselves.

Pine & Pepper is the name of the cocktail. It contains crushed up sorrel, Copenhagen Distillery Indonesian long pepper snaps, lemon juice, a syrup made on pine spruce that we have picked in the local forest in Aarhus, topped with soda and garnished with long pepper and sorrel.

People often get scared of a cocktails containing snaps, because they maybe have a bad memory our two of them drinking too much of it last Christmas party.

But the Indonesian long pepper snaps from Copenhagen Distillery is distilled to perfection that makes it incredibly smooth and can easily be enjoyed by itself. It has a distinct citrus note and leave you with a lingering spicy aftertaste. The snaps compliment Pine & Pepper perfectly with the slight acidic notes and full rich spiced body.

The sorrel gives a sharp and fresh acidity too the cocktail and plays very well together with the aromatic and herby pine spruce… And of cause leaves the whole drink with a rich leaf green color.

The pine spruce syrup adds a sweetness and herbal notes in the cocktail. The slight taste of resin in the pine spruce gives the drink a rich depth and aromatic twist.

All and all I think Pine & Pepper is a mouthwatering cocktail you can’t go wrong with.

This is my choice of cocktail.”

The recipe:
2 pieces of sorrel leafs muddled
5cl Copenhagen Distillery Long Pepper Snaps
3cl Lemon juice
3cl Pine spruce syrup
Topped with soda

Garnished with grinded long pepper and sorrel

Thanks Mads!

Bonus – recipe for Pine Spruce Syrup

(750ml of Pine spruce syrup recipe)
600g sugar
400ml water
200g of pine spruce
let the syrup cool down and ad the pine spruce.

Let it infuse 48 hours.

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