Calvados competition 2017 Danish finals

This post is written and documented by Monica Vasa Boserup

For the 5th year in a row the annual Calvados Competition was held on the 12th of February at the bar Castenskiold in the charming city of Aarhus.

The organiser behind the competition consisted of members of the Danish Bartending Association. The decision to held the competition in Aarhus is a part of the plan of spreading the idea of making cocktails to a broader areas of the danish country.

The culmination of this years competition arrised when the outcome turned out to very surprising for the judges and crowd. Ulrik Deleuran Steffensen, had to see himself beaten to the finish line of his own student, Rasmus Teistrup Ernst.

“Rasmus Teistrup presenting his drink”

This years first price went to Rasmus and his cocktail called ”The Old Man and The Sea”. ”

When I think about the ocean, I actually don’t picture the sun and summer. I surf quite a bit, so for me the ocean is all bout waves, saltwater and wind.

The Old Man & the Sea”
When everybody has gone home thats when I hit the beach. I’ve got a lot of memories with  my family from going to our summer house by the North Sea during the cold days of fall. This is also where the inspiration from my cocktails comes from, because it reminds me of this apple cake we always had, that consisted of thyme and anise. So that’s where it all ended.”

Second place went to Ulrich Deleuran Steffensen, who is a former Copenhagen based bartender now living in Vejle. He competed with his cocktail “Pique Nique”.

”There’s 3 cocktail competitions a year, that I genuinly like to compete in and those are the Danish Championships, the European Championships and the Calvados Competition.” Ulrich says.


Ulrich presenting his drink

“The Calvados Competiton is something that I do want to spend time on due to the fact, that it’s small and just awesome. I like Calvados and think that it’s something that we have to work for. It’s now being abled to survive for 5 years in Denmark and to me that’s just cool”, Ulrik continues.

“Pique Nique”

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