Copenhagen Sodas 5 cent

Gin has really evolved into a widely recognized and popular spirit category enjoyed by both men and women. Today we see gin festivals and gin/tonic festival popping up. This popularization of the Dutch based spirit has opened up a completely new market – premium quality gin demands premium quality sodas.

Newest on the market is Copenhagen Sodas and their range of three sodas under the name 5 cent. 

Copenhagen Sodas is a collaboration between long time veterans in the Danish spirits- and cocktailscene. Peter Altenburg, owner of Gilt, created a tonic together with Henrik Hammer, creator of Geranium Gin, for Nordic Food Festival i New York.

This experience left Peter with inspiration and ideas for a new Danish tonic. He joined forces with Kasper and Thomas, owners of Salon 39 and former Brass Monkey and Holmens Kanal. Together more than 40 years of experience combined which they wished to use to create a tonic by bartenders to be used by bartenders.

Morten and Oscar, owners of the spirit company Sprit & Co. was brought on to the project as well ensuring a distribution channel for the brand.

 Back in the days in America soda jerks sold carbonized water for 2 cent and sodas with added syrup flavours where sold for a nickel (5 cent) hence the name 5 cent.
A soda jerk was typically a young guy operating the soda fountain and serving flavoured soda water or ice cream soda, which was done by mixing flavoured syrup with soda water and adding scoops of ice cream. These would be served in tall glasses with a soda spoon and long straws.

The aim is to produce sodas that works perfectly as mixers for premium spirits by being smooth and mild so the characteristics of the spirit can come through. So far the range includes 3 variants

  5 Cent Indian Tonic Water

Peruvian Chincona bark is used to add the bitter notes associated with tonic. Olies from lemons is used to balance the sugar in the mix and finally a small distillate of grape peels is added. The peels are infused into 60% alcohol for 72 hours. This gives a unique taste enhancer both for spicing up the tonic but also enhance the spirits notes when mixed with the tonic.

5 Cent Rose Hib Lemonade

This rose lemonade is made from Syrian roses, in latin called
Hibiscus Syriacus.  That is why the spelling on the bottle says “Rose Hib”. When this particular type of rose contains many of the same chemical foundations used in gin, which makes them perfect together.
Nerol, citronellol and geraniol are common in both. The result is a very smooth lemonade with a lot of bubbles and a refreshing character.

   5 Cent Gingerbeer 

This gingerbeer is made from an extract of ginger balanced with lime and lemon to add the citrus flavour in combination with the smooth spicy ginger. It is all blended with underground spring water. It´s a very smooth and balanced gingerbeer that goes well with both dark and light spirits.

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