Health tip – No more wrist or elbow pain

One of the very common bartenders issues is wrist/elbow pain. You know, when it hurts as soon as you grab a bottle to pour, start stirring or even just use your grib in generel. 

Here is what you need to understand about the elbow, forearm and wrist + how to prevent problems in the future.

What most people don´t know is that pretty much all of the movements your fingers can do (except your thumb) is controlled by muscle in your forearm. These muscles control the contraction/extension of the fingers through tendons running down your forearms to your fingers.

That is why when you experience wrist pain or elbow pain it is often associated with one another. Sometimes wrist pain can be caused by problems in the shoulder or neck. The body is amazing and works as a whole. That is why if something is hurt, the body will use other bodypart/muscles to compensate, often without you noticing it. So an injury in one part of the body sometimes manifests in another body part or it causes the body to compensate and by that transfer the overload on one muscle group to another which can result in further injuries.

As you might have guessed by now, wrist and elbow pain are complex, but here are some excercises to help you prevent problems in the future. Don´t do these more than 2-3 times a week as the muscles worked are many smaller muscles that are already being used constantly in your everyday doing, so you don´t want to overload them.

Wrist stretch

* Keep your arms straight in front of you and stretch your wrist by using the other to slightly press it both up and down.

* Hold each position for 20-30 sec.

* Do 3 stretch per arm


                                                                                    Free hang 

* Find somewhere where you can hang without feet touching the ground

* Be completely relaxed in the whole body

* Strengthen your forearms because you have to use your grib to hold on to the bar

* Do 3 x max time

* Alternatively use a towel wrapped around the bar and grab that instead, it will challenge you more.

    Fingertip planche 

* Get into a pushup position but on your fingertips instead of a a flat hand

* To make it easier do a pushup position on the knees.

* Do 3 holds x max time

                                                   * Extra challenge – do pushups in the                                                                   fingertips

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