The Pisco Sour

This article is made in collaboration with our friends from Cocktails of Copenhagen

Well it doesn´t need a lot of introduction, every enthusiastic and professional bartender knows this cocktail. It is probably one of the most well known cocktails with pisco there is and with good reason; it is refreshing, smooth and clean in taste yet challenging since it´s not just another sweet/sour cocktail. When using a nice pisco as a base for the drink for sure it has more layers to it.


That´s why it has become a worldwide  known classic and even has it´s own day of celebration. The first saturday in february each year is by Peruvian law their national pisco sour day. Bars all over the world join this special day – Copenhagen included.

This means that the 4th of february a handful of some of Copenhagens great bars and restaurants will be serving drinks in honor of the pisco sour. Actually Sprit & Co. in collaboration with Oakroom, Mash, Bar Next Door, Madklubben Vesterbro, Lo-Jo´s Social, Llama Restaurant & Bar and Celcius Bar have taken it a step further…this means that if you find yourself without any plans sometime during this week, swing by one of these amazing venues and get your pisco sour on as they will all be celebrating Pisco Sours all week.

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Barsol-Pisco Our friends from Barsol send us this picture to show us how they enjoy Pisco Sour Day.

Bonus info:
It’s a cocktail that is thought to be created by Victor Vaughen Morris, who was an American batender who worked in Cerro de Pasco in central Peru. In 1916 he opened his own bar in Lima named Morris Bar. Here his signature cocktail was Pisco Sour. Subsequently, it has become a well-known classic in the long range of classic cocktails. In fact, the drink is so popular and widespread that The Peruvian National Cultural Institute in 2007 decided that it should be Peru’s National drink. Since then, the first Saturday of February each year has been International Pisco Sour Day.

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