Licor 43 competition in Aarhus

This monday evening Restaurant FF in Aarhus and Licor 43 hosted bartenders from all over Denmark. In the name of Licor 43 the theme was Spain. Tapas, sangria, spanish music and oohh yes, a cocktail competition.

The challenge was to make your twist on the spanish drink Carajillo 43, which is a drink consisting of Licor 43 and espresso served over cubes.

It was a great night and amazing to see so many bartenders that showed up, even industry people from Aalborg and Odense plus the local tenders from different bars in Aarhus.

The list of competing bars looked like this; Castenskjold, Slapaf, Helmuth, Mash Aarhus, Mash Odense, Café Viggo, The Brick and Heckenfeldt.

It was a fine mix of very experience bartenders but also a lot of younger tenders eager to show their skills. The creations presented showed a broad variety in the way the bartenders perceived the challenge. Old fashion twist, irish coffee variations and daiquiri concoctions were just some of the ways the bartenders impressed the judges.

At the judging table were Hasse Bank, who has St. Pauls Apothek and Gedulgt together with two representatives from Hans Just (the company that imports Licor 43); Adam Borch who has worked as a bartender many years in the Copenhagen scene and Marc Jacobsen also a former tender from Copenhagen.

A lot of great drinks was served. It was fairly easy to spot, that the main focus for the bartenders was to let the liqueur shine through, as all of the drinks were on the sweet side.

When the smoke cleared the last man standing was Rasmus from Mash Odense with his Old Fashion twist


Congratulations to Rasmus who, in the race, managed to beat his mentor and barmanager Simon, also form Mash Odense, who came in second.


3rd place went to Kristian from Aarhus.


So with the winner in place the party was on and drinks was served. Thank you to all the guys participating and to Hans Just for a great event.

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