Malin Aminoff – from Copenhagen to Arhus

Name: Malin Aminoff

Age: 31

Bar: St. Pauls Apothek

Places you have worked: Have worked at Oakroom, Strøm, Kitjn


When did you move to Aarhus and why?

Moved to Århus in february, 2015 to start working for Hasse Bank at St. Paul´s Apothek. It was difficult to find a fulltime job in Cph at this point and Hasse offered something new and exciting. I lived in Århus 2008-2009, before l came to Cph so I thought it could be interesting to see where they were on the cocktail map a few years later.


What are the most popular drinks in Aarhus in generel and at St. Pauls Apothek?

“I think that the all so beloved Mojito still is a big seller in Århus, as it is in Cph, but people have opened their eyes more towards new cocktails, new flavours and different spirits. A lot of old fashions and different gin and tonics are probably the most popular orders at most cocktail bars.

At Apothek, we sell a lot of our house cocktails. We have great staff on the floor that can guide the guests in our cocktail card. But even though we don´t have Mojitos in our menu, we still get an occasional order now and then. We have two different style of old fashions in our menu, and they are both very popular. and we have to drinks with a very “showy” presentations which, of course, gets sold quiet a lot.”


How does the cocktailscene look in Aarhus compared to Copenhagen where you used to work?

“I think that Århus is getting close to Cph on the cocktail scene. A lot of bartenders in Århus are starting to be more interested in the craft, not just looking at it as a way to earn money through school. They want to learn more, they take initiatives to read up on things, ask questions, go places to learn, ask for masterclasses etc.

A big difference in Århus is that you can name the top cocktailbars on one hand. In Cph you´ll find one on every corner. I love this about Cph, but it also means that they can afford to vary in style, niche, type of cocktails on the menu, prices, bottles on the backbar and so on. And as a guest, you can think about what you are looking for and then choose where you decide to spend your night. In Århus, most bars has to have a little bit of everything so that you can please most guests possible, but still keep it classy and put your own touch on it.”


What is it like to work in a bar in Aarhus compared to Copenhagen?

“It´s great. I was lucky to work at a lot of good places in Cph as well but l have to say that Århus is also a fantastic city to work in. People are more relaxed about things, guests are happy with most drinks but they can still challenge you and put you up to the test. Staff is hardworking and interested and put pride in what they are doing.(Eventhough the majority of the staff at St Pauls Apothek are students.)

Both the people behind the bar and the guests starts to appreciate the spirits more “honest” flavours instead of the cocktails with 6 different types of juice in them. Every time there is a masterclass or tasting in Århus, the spots dissapear within a day.

The bartenders here are more hungry for knowledge. Probably because most bartenders in Cph already had the opportunities for most masterclasses already and has both seen it and done it, but in Århus, we haven´t really had the same chances for the big masterclasses, yet. I think that Århus might be where Cph was a few years ago so it´s hot, eager and hungry! So send us more brand ambassadores, seminars, masterclasses, competitions and parties. We will put you up for a challenge Cph.” (Said with a very friendly cheaky smile and you know it)


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