National Bourbon Heritage Month: Leon Foulton-Craig

Name: Leon Foulton-Craig leon3
Age: 35
Bar: MASH Bredgade
Describe your bar/restaurant:
Modern American Steakhouse with a big Bourbon selection, focus on american spirits in general and classic american cocktails!

What is your favourite Bourbon Cocktail?
Boulevardier on Weller 107

What is your favourite Bourbon?
Everyday: Four Roses Single Barrel (For its versatility)
Special Occasion: Four Roses Small Batch 2015

What Bourbon cocktail on your menu represents your place the best?
MASH Signature OldFashioned

We are doing a special Aperitif on one of your Bourbons every week in September! Stay tuned as we will announce it weekly! They will be all based on Sprit & Co Bourbons! Also we are very happy to host the Final Dinner with Masterclass at MASH Bredgade
















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