Bartenders Choice – Jimmy Bæk

by Henrik Steen Petersen

Sometimes a guests walks into the bar for a cocktail not feeling like reading the entire cocktail menu through, not able to figure out how the cocktails on the menu will taste, or maybe have chosen a cocktail based solely on the name (and been disappointed subsequently) too many times, and instead give the bartender free hands and some key words to what he or she is looking for and want.

Based on the same key words we passed that challenge on to some of the best bartenders of Copenhagen. The challenge was not to invent a new cocktail, but based on the keywords to propose a classic cocktail, a classic cocktail with a twist, a cocktail from the current menu, or perhaps a new cocktail the bar or bartender were currently working on.

You can check out the first edition of Bartenders Choice with Ida Hjort here

Next up for the ‘Bartenders Choice Challenge’ was Jimmy Jepsen Bæk, K-Bar, and the key words for the cocktail was the same: “Make me a cocktail that is spirituous, bold and adventurous. Preferably based on a dark spirit and without dairy products.”

“We already have a cocktail that lives up those keywords on our regular menu: Et Stille Drama”, says Jimmi, and continues: “Et Stille Drama (A Quiet Drama) is a Manhattan inspired cocktail where we keep the American rye as the backbone of the drink, but swop the sweet vermouth for a maraschino liqueur and instead of a couple of dashes of Angostura Bitters we coat the glass with absinthe. Enjoy!”

Et Stille Drama
5,0 cl. Rittenhouse 100 Proof Straight Rye Whisky
1,5 cl. maraschino liqueur
Pernod Absinthe rinse.

Stirred over ice and served up in a chilled coupe glass with a single star anise as an elegant garnish.

Thank you to Jimmy, and stay tuned for the next cocktail suggestion based on the same keywords.

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