Bartenders choice – Mikkel Vingård

by Henrik steen Petersen

Sometimes a guest walks into the bar for a cocktail not feeling like reading the entire cocktail menu through and instead give the bartender free hands and some key words to what he or she is looking for and want.

Based on the same key words we passed that challenge on to some of the best bartenders of Copenhagen. The challenge was to, based on the keywords, propose a classic cocktail, a classic cocktail with a twist, a cocktail from the current menu, or perhaps a new cocktail the bar or bartender were currently working on.

Last up for the ‘Bartenders Choice Challenge’ was Mikkel Vingård, Blume, and the key words for the cocktail was the same: “Make me a cocktail that is spirituous, bold and adventurous. Preferably based on a dark spirit and without dairy products.”

“I have chosen to twist a classic Mai Tai. As a classic cocktail this twist will be familiar to Tiki lovers as well as those who are not”, says Mikkel and continues: “The combination of spicy and strong rum shaken up with the freshness and sweetness from orange and orgeat gives a delicious and tropical balance in the cocktail. One of the benefits of using this flavor combination generally inspired by Tiki is the ability to use powerful rums without the risk of the cocktail becoming too boozy”.

The Mai Tai’s Nephew

4,0 cl. Gosling’s Black Seal Rum
2,0 cl. Wray And Nephew White Overproof Rum
2,0 cl. freshly squeezed orange juice
2,0 cl. orgeat syrup
2,0 cl. freshly squeezed lime juice 

Shaken and served over ice in a chilled old-fashioned glass with a mint sprig and orange slice as garnish.

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