Cph by the Glass

A bar show coming Aug 19th to 21st.

Followed by week long celebration of Cocktail bars in collaboration with Copenhagen Cooking and Food Festival Aug19th to 28th. COPENHAGEN BY THE GLASS


Ethos: To have a communal and democratic environment within The Copenhagen Cooking and Food Festival for tasting various spirits and liquids with a stage for seminars to reflect and give a voice to the Copenhagen drinking landscape, temperament and its diversity. Copenhagen by the Glass is not your typical drink show. Obviously it will be centered around the mixology and spirits but it is also a reflection of inspirations of our industry. Typically shows are centered around only on a glass of cocktail , wine , whiskey, rum , beer and etc . Just to name a few but Copenhagen By The Glass would like to show all practices and aura of liquids by the glass from kombucha, coffee, tea , non or alcoholic cocktails, local son & pop distillery to to also larger global brands.

Seminars: The first year we are highlighting the Danish Cocktail bars to show our diversity in philosophy and visual identity . Each bar will show there practices and craftsmanship equal to the chefs. There will also be segments on Kombucha, Coffee, Homemade snaps infusion, Art & Design, Mindful topics and philosophy reflecting the Copenhagen spirit of innovation and sustainability .

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Cocktail Week in the Food Festival Week: Cocktail bars will participate during the week. So its not a bar show that ends after 3 days but the general festival’s public can visit the bars during the week. We also encourage events like food pairings and restaurant participation with cocktail bars, coffee, kombucha, Brewery in order to promote the over cycle of the experience that degustation is closely related to libation…


For more information check out

Copenhagen Cooking and Food Festival


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