Erwan Le Bonniec – Bacardi Legacy

Name: Erwan Le Bonniec

Age: 37 years old

Age in the industry: 11 years in the industry

Drink name and  recipe:

El Conquistador

45ml Bacardi 8

15ml Manzanilla sherry wine

20ml limejuice

15ml clove syrup

15ml Aquafaba (chickpea water)

14907793_10153789055930670_475049571_o *(Thanks to Michael Rosenfeldt for the picture)

Why did you enter Bacardi Legacy?

“It is one of the biggest cocktail competitions in the world, the opportunity to create a classic cocktail and the focus on the marketing and promotion part is really important for me as a young entrepreneur.”


What was the inspiration behind your drink?

“The inspiration came from the colonial empire, a subject really important to me but also to the rum history and the Bacardi family.”


What makes it a Legacy cocktail? 

“I think El Conquistador is a legacy cocktail because it represents the beginning of the Bacardi history and also refers to my personal legacy”


How hard has it been to create a new classic?

“The hardest part to create a new classic is to keep it simple and use ingredients than you can find anywhere in the world.”


What does the competition mean to you either personally and/or professionally?

“Bacardi Legacy means to me a great experience to get recognition from the bar industry, and professionally the opportunity to expand my network and to promote my own bar.”


What has been the biggest challenge so far?

“The biggest challenge for me is to prepare the presentation. It’s really hard to express all what you want to say and serve 2 drinks in 7 min!”


What do you think you will gain most from participating?

“Networking with international bartenders, brand ambassadors and owners from the bar industry.”


What would it mean for you to represent Denmark at the Global finals?

“The opportunity to represent the Copenhagen bar scene at its best and a great promotion for my own bar, Kester Thomas.”

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