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26. august 2017 @ 18:00 - 21:00

On August 26th, we have the joy of arranging Spirikum, a festival for snaps and akvavit, the likes of which has never been seen. Good spirits from all over Scandinavia and USA, accompanied by street food, live music and beer.

It is only natural that we should have a cocktail competition as well. Below you’ll find the rules, but the format, in short, is to enter as a bar by submitting your snaps- or aquavit cocktail by 15th of June, and run a station for 30 minutes, serving drinks to guests and judges alike. We hope you’ll find it fun and inspiring, and we hope to see all of you, competing or not, at the festival.

The rules are simple:

1. You enter as a bar, not as a bartender. The team will get 30 minutes behind the stick to serve cocktails to guests. The size of the team is not important, if you believe 1 person is enough, fine, but don’t come crying when the guests are thirsty.

2. The judges walk around and taste with the other guests, no artificial situations, no mumbling into shakers.

3. Serve 1 cocktail to as many as possible, tell a story, make your bar heard.

4. Cocktails are made in half sizes, and cost 30 kroner. You take all profit for your bar.

5. Cocktails are judged on appearance, taste, and loyalty to the spirit. Guest points make up 25% of the score, don’t ignore the guests.

6. The base spirit must come from one of the producers presenting at the festival, a full list will be updated at www.spirikum.com. How you wish to arrange the collaboration is up to you, but creativity is rewarded.

7. We provide uniform glassware, ice, water and electricity. If you need something that is not in that list, it’s your responsibility.

8. You have 15 minutes to set up the bar, and 15 to break it down, so come prepared.

9. Whatever you feel you have time for in terms of POS, banners, masks and tiki roofs is cool. But you set it up, and you break it down. Respect the next team.

10. You will be done at 20.30, so you can make it back for a late shift at the bar. Unless you all ignore #9. The competiton will run in 4 heats, of 4 bars. You’ll be given a time slot and a check-in time.

11. Enter your recipe at info@spirikum.com before June 15th. 12 bars will be chosen to compete in the finals. You will know by 1st of August if you are in or out.

12. There will be medals for gold, silver and bronze. All contestants get a fancy looking diploma and a hug.


26. august 2017
18:00 - 21:00