Getting back in the game

Name: Anna Gade

Age: 32

Bar: Currently Nimb, previously Fugu & Nord, but it’s been about 4,5 years since I worked in either of the places.

Tell us a bit about your Giffard West Cup cocktail that you won the Danish finals with?

Both of my cocktails in the competition were inspired by classic cocktails, and since we got the Giffard pamplemousse rose to work with in the finals, I decided upon a twist on a gin fizz, so Geranium gin, which works really well with pink grapefruit, some lemon, the pamplemousse as the sweetener and egg white, shaken and then Fentismann tonic instead of soda to add to the floral expression.

Why did you start to compete/bartend again?

I’ve slowly worked my way back to the service industry again (without ever actually leaving it) during the past 3 years, where I worked as a floor manager in an Events department. I get a kick out of giving a good service, but I was missing contact with my guests. So I started bartending again, since I always loved doing that and missed it over the past few years.

I started competing again, since I got inspired to do so, first by the Four roses throwing sessions, and now the Giffard competition.

How will you prepare for the international competition?

I would like to meet up with the previous Danish winner, to get his perspective on the competition, and then I’ll read up on the judges, other competitors and the competitions from the previous years.

What are your future goals as a bartender?

I’d like to work in a proper cocktail bar, where I can learn a lot from my colleagues and where theres no compromises regarding quality and service.

Thank you Anna! We  wish you the best of luck in France!


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