Health tip – avoid shoulder issues

Acute pain in a shoulder at the young women. young girl keeps for a sick shoulder on a white background

If you shake 100 cocktails in a night you will end up having lifting somewhere around 80-100 kg. by the end of the night. Think about that, its a lot! Next time you hit the gym, try to put those little sweet 40 kg. dumbbells above your head, next try to “shake it” like you do with a shaker… No wonder bartenders sometimes have shoulder issues.

The shoulder joint is one of the most complicated joints in our body, because it has to move in all angles possible; forward, backwards, to the side, rotations etc.

Working behind the bar the shoulders are constantly moving and put under stress. When you stir, when you shake, when you reach for bottles on the back shelf or when you carry trays – it is a tremendous load on the shoulders. Also most of the movements happens in front of the body which creates an uneven balance between the different parts of the shoulder; the front shoulder gets way more work than the side/back shoulder.

Just like the lower back having healthy shoulder is about strength and mobility, especially mobility!

To improve you shoulder mobility and strength do these different moves 2-3 times a week, no more, as you don´t want to overload/stress the joints to much.

* Click the pictures to go to video

         Free hang

 * Find somewhere where you can hang without feet touching the ground

* Be completely relaxed in the whole body

* This will open up your shoulder, help you get a better posture by straightening your body

* Strengthen your forearms because you have to use your grib to hold on to the bar

                                                        * Do 3 x max time

                                                                   Shoulder dislocation

* Use a broomstick and hold it with straight arms

* In a slow and controlled movement move the stick over your head and behind your back

* Keep your arms STRAIGHT the whole time

* The wider you grib the bar, the easier it gets

* Do 3 x 6-8 repetitions

       Rotator cuff rotation
* Alternatively use a bottle of booze instead of dumbbells 😉

* Keep your upper arm parallel to the floor and the under vertical so your elbow forms a 90 degree angle

* Rotate the shoulder so you move the load up and down slowly

                                                              * Do 3 x 10 repetitions

                                                                                  Body rows

* This can be done at home using a table

* Grab the edge of the table with straight arms while you lay under it.

* Pull yoursel up so you chest touches
the table

*Becomes easier the higher the table is. Bend the knees if it´s to hard with straight legs.

*Do 3 x max repititions

Pike press

* Start with straight arms and then bend  so you lower your forehead towards the floor

* Push yourself back up to start position

*Do 3 x max repitions

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