Health tip – headache during or after work?

You feel it creepping up on you during those late hours from 22-01, worst time possible, peak hours, and you just have to work through it. Headache is unfortunetly a relatively normal thing in the bar industry. It can be caused by many things, here a some possible work related reasons and how to fix them.

Headache can come from many things, and even though you work behind the bar it doesn´t have to be work related. BUT maybe it is because working the bar puts your body under a lot of stress. Bad work positions and constant tension in the back and shoulders can cause tensions in the neck which can lead to headache. Do the shoulder or lower back routine to prevent that.

Often bartenders work in a very loudly environment with a lot of noise such as loud music, screaming or loud conversations. Obviously this can cause headache as well, especially when it is a continues thing.

Along with back work position/physical stress to the body, dehydration is probably the most common cause. If your body starts to dehydrate headache is one of the first signs. I know, when you are busy slamming drinks across the bar you sometimes forget to drink water. Add to that that a lot of bartenders get a shot or three during a shift, and perhaps beer to go along with it. Well we know that alcohol dehydrates the body, that is what causes hangovers. So to avoid headache remember to drink a lot of water, 1-2 liters during a 8-10 hours shift.

Low blood sugar can cause headache as well. For many reasons getting some food while working, not just the dinner around 18-19, is IMPORTANT! It could be as little as some fruit, nuts or nutrition bars. For one, not eating for 4-8 hours during your shift at night, when you are most active is just stupid. That´s exactly when you need the energy for work. Also eating frequently can help you stabilize your blood sugar.

Sum up:

Do exercises to strengthen your body and loose up tensions. Also some stretching every now and then during your shift can help loosing up

Drink plenty of water during and after a shift – don´t drink too much alcohol as it dehydrates.

Eat a few snacks during you shift – fruit, nuts, nutrition bars

* These raw Bites cost about 10 kr. in supermarkets.

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