Hendrick’s Gin – unusual gin for curious cocktails part 1

By Henrik Steen Petersen

When Hendrick’s Gin was launched in 2001 they caused curiosity. Curiosity was further reinforced when the marketing of the unusual gin took off.

The chubby pharmacy bottle did not hide a traditional produced gin, but a gin that has undergone two distinct distillations, subsequently mixed to eventually get added essence of cucumber and rose petals.

Promotion of the new gin was also unusual, offbeat and sometimes crazy, but always with a desire to arouse our curiosity: Hendrick’s Gin helped to launch a new Gin Craze era in the beginning of this millennium. And the cucumber became a desired ingredient and garnish for many new age cocktails.

This fall Hendrick’s Gin took Brussels and turned the city into one of Hendrick’s curious European capitals.


Today bar guests are curious and drawn by curiosity when selecting cocktails from the menu. Sometimes curiosity for what is hiding in a specially designed glass, spectacular garnish or the way the selected cocktail will be served to you. Today it needs a little more than an artistic cut orange twist.

Curious about how this Bramble was served? Visit La Pharmacie Anglaise in Brussels, or stay tuned for the next chapter of this story.


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