Kristoffer Geer – Bacardi Legacy 2016

Name: Kristoffer R. Geer

Age: 23

Bar: Downstairs

Years in the industry: Depends on the question, I’ve been a “real” bartender for close to a year, but I started washing dishes at the age of 14, and I’ve been in a restaurant/service job ever since.

Drink name and recipe?

“La Tierra”
5 cl Bacardi Carta Blanca
1.5 cl St. Germain
1.5 cl Suze
1.5 cl liqurice root syrup
2 cl Lime
Top with 4cl of tonic water (I just use a standard fever tree)


Why did you enter Bacardi Legacy?

“I entered legacy because I like to challenge myself to become better at whatever I’m doing. Through Bacardi Legacy I get to meet so many incredible people of the trade, and already before going to London I feel like I’ve developed a bunch!”


What was the inspiration behind your drink?

“My cocktail La Tierra started as a reflection upon myself. When I entered the competition I asked myself the question of whether or not one could even talk about legacy at my age. Upon reflecting I came to the fact that my legacy would be my story this far, and I’ve chosen to tell the story of my visual disability.”


What makes it a Legacy cocktail? 

“To me what makes a great drink is simplicity and perspective. My legacy cocktail has a very simple and replicable structure, but at the same time it offers two flavor perspective – a floral perspective, and an earthy perspective.”


How hard has it been to create a new classic?

“To me it’s been a tremendous challenge, I’m still very new to the wonders of the world of cocktails and I’ve just been thrilled by everything!”


What does the competition mean to you either personally and/or professionally?

“Professionally I hope that it would help in the process of putting Aarhus on the international cocktail map. Personally I see this as a chance to learn a lot about everything! I’m a really inquisitive person, and thus knowledge is everything to me.”


What has been the biggest challenge so far?
“Making my calendar work, it’s been stressful and I recommend long term planning for anyone thinking about doing a competition on this scale.”


What do you think you will gain most from participating?

“Well the short version is that I’ve gotten really invested with the industry. My competitors are amazing people and incredibly skilled, and that’s the thing that has meant the most to me. Meeting Marlene, Antonio and Erwan, and even getting to meet Gn Chang (Last years world champion). All of this has been amazeballs!”


What would it mean for you to represent Denmark at the Global finals?

“Well it would be crazy. I would be thrilled for the chance to meet more awesome people, and get into an even deeper level of the industry, but I know that Antonio and Erwan are going to make me fight for it.”

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