Mikael Nilsson fra Strøm Bar om Sasha Petraske

Mikael Nilsson, der sammen med sin bror Andreas Nilsson og Simon Haugaard, ejer Strøm Bar i Niels Hemmingsensgade ved Gråbrødre Torv har forinden sin tid i København en international fortid bag sig. Bl.a. har han arbejdet på Milk & Honey i London.

Her kan du kort læse om hans oplevelse med Milk & Honey og Sasha Petraske.


“Working at Milk & Honey was magical.

The idea is that you as a bartender are in control, you are not just great at making drinks, you are the master of atmosphere and service. But at the same time you are the most humble person in the room.

Sasha really changed everything.

More so than most can imagine. He was not alone in shaping our present bar scene but he made a huge impact. There’s so much we take for granted in our bar community today that he set up and shaped.

It’s not rocket science, it’s just pride and love for your profession. But he gave it a place and a training program, he raised the bar. Around the world there’s endless service training, round building sessions and SOPs that are inspired from his bar manuals that he wrote 15 years ago… Including our own at Strøm.”



Mikael arbejdede som Senior Staff på Milk & Honey, som primært tog sig af Members Room. 


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