National Bourbon Heritage Month: Interview Christopher Lombardi

Name: Christopher Lombardi
Age: 57
Bar: Memphis Roadhouse
Describe your bar/restaurant:
A BBQ Joint. Laid back atmosphere focusing on slow food, authentic southern US food and cocktails. Largest American whiskey selection in Aarhus…..and points beyond.

What is your favourite Bourbon Cocktail?
Perfect Manhattan on the rocks. Preferably an over pour. But I do like a Brooklyn and/or Boulevardier.
You get the point…… liquor in a glass!

What is your favourite Bourbon?
Right now I’m all about Bowman Brothers Small Batch and John J. Bowman Single Barrel. Hard to get and buy it whenever I can……..I have a precious ½ bottle at home.

What Bourbon cocktail on your menu represents your place the best?
Easily the Bourbon Sour. Straight forward, easy going, all fresh ingredients. It really sums up what we are trying to achieve here at Memphis Roadhouse.

Sept 15th: Bourbon tasting/Bar food pairing for the general public
Sept 18th: Bourbon, Brunch and Bartenders. Free event for local bartenders on a Sunday afternoon featuring bourbon tasting, cocktails and pancakes/eggs/bacon plates. Should be fun.

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