National Bourbon Heritage Month: Interview Patrick Graser

– National Bourbon Heritage Month: Interview Patrick Graser MASH

Name: Patrick Graser
Age: 27
Bar: Copenhagen Concepts / MASH
Describe your bar/restaurant: Responsible for all Restaurantbars within Copenhagen Concepts with focus on MASH and the development of Bourbon (and american spirits in general) in those Bars.

What is your favourite Bourbon Cocktail?
Paper Plane: Bourbon, Aperol, Amaro, Lemon juice

What is your favourite Bourbon?
Everyday: W.L.Weller 12 years
Special Occasion: Bufallo Trace Antique Collection – George T. Stagg 2012

What Bourbon cocktail on your menu represents your place the best?
MASH Signature Old Fashioned

We are doing a special Aperitif on one of your Bourbons every week in september! Stay tuned as we will announce it weekly! They will be all based on Sprit&Co Bourbons! Also we are very happy to host the Final Dinner with Masterclass at MASH Bredgade


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