National Bourbon Heritage Month: Michael Shone

Name: Michael Shone
Age: Legal
Bar: Salon 39

Describe your bar/restaurant:
Salon 39 is a local Frederiksberg joint that serves cosy, yet thoughtful, Italian style cusine and strong classic drink. We’re not afraid to stick an umbrella in your cocktail or toy with a bottle of mezcal now and then , but in the end our hearts are in the American stuff – Bourbon, Rye, Malt, Corn, Wheat.

What is your favourite Bourbon Cocktail?
How do you really go past an Old Fashioned or a Mint Julep? Like the whiskey itself these cocktails are simple and dont fuss about too much. They’re merely accentuating what was in the bottle to begin with! Bourbon with bitters, bourbon with mint.
Why complicate shit?

What is your favourite Bourbon?
My number one ‘go to desert island bottle’ has to be Elijah Craig 12 Kentucky Straight Bourbon. Nothing conjurs up more thoughts of old timey frontierfolk sitting in saloons, spitting tobacco and shooting each other more than this tipple. It’s simplicty and availability also really lends itself as a great introduction to anyone interested in testing the waters of the whisk(e)y world. I’ve always liked this style, and I think I always will, (…wait, what do you mean they’re getting rid of the age statement?!?).

I’m also really into white whiskeys these days, stuff like Hudson New York Corn, Henrik Hammer’s Rye White Dog or any old stuff straight from the still.

What Bourbon cocktail on your menu represents your place the best?
For our ‘NationalBourbon Heritage Month’ menu we’re going typical Salon style and riffing on a few classics and incorperating the stuff wherever we can. Bourbon Pina Colada anyone? But what represents us strongest? I think is our tribute to our former bar manager Jonas Skovhus and his cocktail the ‘Spice and Vice’. Chilli and cinnamon infused Four Roses Yellow Label, Fresh apple and lemon juices, absinthe!


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