Negroni week

Today marks the beginning of the forth annual Negroni Week presented by Imbibe Magazine and Campari. An international event in where bars and bar patrons come together to celebrate the iconic cocktail and donate a portion of the proceeds to a charity of their choice. Imbibe Magazine started it back back in 2013 where around 120 bars in the US and Canada pitched in to raise around $10,000 for charity. As of last year the number of bars has reached 3,500 internationally, raising upwards of $320,000 and this years looks to grow even further.

In Denmark this year prominent names such as Ruby, The Barking Dog, Duck and Cover, Holmens Kanal, Gilt Bar and Clemens Gastro & Bar are contributing by taking part in this event.
Traditionally the Negroni is made by combining equal parts dry gin, Campari and sweet vermouth over ice. Its a testament to cocktails of the classic era in which its simplicity magically extenuates its base ingredients. It’s earthy and arromatic – but bold, It’s strong and spirit forward – but refreshing. It’s mainstream appeal allows it to be enjoyed by all but it’s simplicity lends itself to the artisan which can be seen in the countless modern classics it’s inspired.


For more information, including a list of participating bars and upcoming events, visit and follow the hashtag #NegroniWeek

*Written by Michael Shone, Manager at Salon 39

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