About Bag om Baren

Bag om Baren

Bagombaren.dk is a danish spirit and cocktail blog which communicate both Danish and international news, events, seminars and other relevant topics from the cocktail and spirits industry. The goal is to explore and share all aspects of the industry and create a platform where anyone interested in the industry can find inspiration, knowledge and spare with other likeminded people. It will focus on the stories behind personalities, professional articles, reports from various competitions and events, videos, interviews etc. We strive to keep our calendar  up to date so you will be able to see which events are taking place throughout the year.

Who is behind

The concept of the blog is created and run by Sprit & Co, which is a Danish spirit company specialized in import, distribution and sales of premium spirits to cocktailbars, hotelbars, restaurants, cafees and liqueur stores. The goal is to create a platform where customers, bartenders and other industry interested people can share their passion.

See more about the company here:

Sprit & Co.