Representing in the name of….Diplomatico!

There is a new “sheriff” in town. Sprit & Co. the Danish importer of Diplomatico rum has level up by getting a Brand Ambassador for the brand in Denmark.
Here are a few quick facts about the new Diplomatico Brand Ambassador:
Name – Daniel Mærsk
Age – 30
Years in the industry – 9 Years
Places you have worked?
“Custom House, 1105, Oak Room, Bar Rouge and various others”
How did you get into this business?
“Hired by previous manager from London AS I starter my bachelors degree”
The best advice you have ever gotten from another bartender?  
“Never slam a door”
What is your favorite drink?
“Negroni (Geranium 55 & Antica Formula) or Kennedy Manhatten (Diplo Reserva Exclusiva)”
Favorite go-to-bar?
209014_373357356060265_1871099940_n * From 2012 when Daniel won the Danish championship in Classic Cocktails

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