Representing in the name of….Gosling´s and Rebel Yell

Elias is the new Brand Ambassador of Gosling´s Rum in Denmark. He has been in the industry for years and worked at some of the best bars in Copenhagen, including the only tiki bar in town.

Name: Elias Malmberg

Age: 29

Years in the industry: 8

Places you have worked?
The Barking Dog
Candeur – Dessert & Cocktail Bar
Kung Fu
Brass Monkey
are a few places on my long list.

How did you get into this business?
I found a yearlong education in Nyköping, International Bar Management that was going into deep about bartending and everything around it. We studied a lot of economy, marketing, sommelier certificates in wine & spirits, barista courses, beer, importance of good ingredients and much more.
It was a great year and I was hooked by the business.
This is also, where I started working as a bartender for real!

The best advice you have ever gotten from another bartender?

“You are never better than your last shift” – Hans Bihl

What is your favorite drink?

Daiquiri – Simple, clean, crisp!

Favorite go-to-bar?

Salon 39, The Barking Dog, Strøm, Honey Ryder are some of my favorites in Copenhagen.


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