Street Food Come Together 2017

Name: Carlos Leman

Foodtruck: Latin Lovers

Age: 42


Describe yourself

My name is Carlos and I’m from Chile, but I have lived in Sweden, Norway and now here in Denmark, all together for about 30 years.
I started in the restaurant business when I was 16 years old and I am still working with food, beverages, and events.
I have worked in many high-end restaurants, bars and hotels in Scandinavia.
In 2015, I attended Masterchef Denmark 2015 that was a great experience, although I did not win.
Since then I wanted to start something of my own and that is how the idea for Latin Lovers FoodTruck came to life.

Describe your Food Truck:

I would like to think that Latin Lovers FoodTruck is a special truck. I put all my energy in making delicious food, which both has to look and taste good. At the same time, I put the same amount of energy in all the cocktails that I make in the FoodTruck.
There are not one single FoodTruck in Copenhagen that makes both food and cocktails. Maybe that is what makes Latin Lovers FoodTruck somewhat special.
My food is the typical Completos from Chile, the “Chilean hotdog” with organic chicken sausage, guacamole (palta as we call it in Chile), tomato, mayo and the most delicious chili, made from my grandmothers’ recipe. Right now, I am making another dish called Chacarero. It is like a chicken burger, with marinated chicken, mayo, tomato, haricot verts and green chili. Time magazine has considered it as one of “The 13 Most Amazing Sandwiches the World Has to Offer”.

During summertime, I serve two kinds of lemonades. One is ice-cold mint lemonade and the other is homemade ginger-passion lemonade. I put a lot of love into those lemonades and the result is amazing.
Apart from that, I also serve cocktails. Nothing beats the Dark ‘n Stormy with Gosling’s Rum. One of the most popular cocktails I serve, and a cocktail that people recognize and know that it works every single time. It is so easy to make and tastes fantastic!
The other cocktail I make is a Latin Lovers Cocktail, also with Gosling’s Rum, lime juice, homemade ginger-passion that I top with soda water and a dash of Angostura bitters.

What made you start your Food Truck project?

It all started last summer when I was helping a friend out in his FoodTruck. He was only serving cocktails and other drinks. I just got in love with the idea of serving cocktails from a truck and not just from a bar where I usually did. Sometimes we were serving cocktails at the beach, other times in the middle of the city and it was such a feeling of freedom to work like that. About a year later, I had my own FoodTruck and I was serving delicious food from my home country Chile and making kick-ass cocktails.


How is it working in a food truck, serving both food and drinks?

It is working great. I think the reason might be, because I have more than 20 years of experience in the service business, it is really easy for me to combine those two things together, without me losing it when I have a lot of people to serve.
Above all, I think it is a great concept to have those two things working together, food and cocktails.

Tell us about the Street Food Come Together 2017.

Well, my newest baby is the “Street Food Come Together”. I will be holding this event the 19th until the 21st of January. The idea for this event is mainly the fact that there is not much one can do outside in January in Copenhagen, because of the bad and cold weather. Almost all street food events are having their “winter-sleep” and of course, the weather is way to rough to being serving street food outside from a FoodTruck. So, I have gathered a bunch of Foodtruckers, from different countries like, Nepal, Mexico, Greece, Denmark, Peru, and many others, and decided that I would organize an inside street food market, with great cocktail bars, DJ’s, delicious food and outstanding cocktails.
I found the best location for the event in Kødbyen, FoodSpace a large place with rough edges as it is in Kødbyen, but at the same time, it’s very cozy for a street food event.
It is going to be great having these people cooking their favorite food for you and I know they are looking forward to it. Imagine THAT, and with Latin Lovers cocktails. It really cannot get any better!


Event:           STREET FOOD COME TOGETHER 2017

Where:         Slagtehusgade 11, 1715 København V, Danmark

When:          19th to 21st of January

Time:            4pm until midnight



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