Strøm Bar fundraising

Yesterday something extraordinary took place. Strøm Bar held a fundraising to support the children suffering around the world. We visited the crew, literally the whole crew, since everyone was working for free to support and a lot of good people from the industry came by to drink for a good the cause.


“Children are the only ones pure and innocent in our world and right now millions of children are seeking shelter and refuge from war and terror.

It’s never their fault yet they are suffering the most. It breaks our hearts to see so much innocence lost. Most of us have friends or even family that came here once as refugees. We wanted to set an example and inspire others to give.

It doesn’t necessarily matter much how you give or help. If you flog it all over FB for the world to see, sms donations or volunteer at the asylum center, what matter is that you do something! At the end of the day there is a person , a child, on the receiving side who’s life might depend on yours and ours small contribution.

That’s how we feel about it.

We are very happy with the turn out last night. It warms our hearts to see so much love and care. Thank you everyone for your support and thank you to the sponsors Bacardi, Sprit & Co and Greens Engross for your contribution.”

– Staff at Strøm Bar

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