The Brand Ambassadors of Denmark

It is nothing new, we have seen it internationally for years. But within the last couple of years  it seems as if there has been a tendency towards having a brand ambassador representing your brand in Denmark. We have tried to get an overview of who is actually representing which brands in Denmark – if we have missed anyone, please let us now – here it goes.

 12657420_10206625232962879_6093571410048132694_o Marlene Anne Lough – Bacardi

You can read more about Marlene here from one of our very first articles on Bag om Baren

Talk with Marlene Anne Lough

Skærmbillede 2016-07-13 kl. 14.45.23 Daniel Kragelund Mærsk – Diplomatico Rum

Check out our little interview with Daniel here:

Representing in the name of Diplomatico Rum

Skærmbillede 2016-07-14 kl. 10.02.42 Elias Malmberg – Gosling´s and Rebel Yell

If you didn´t catch our latest interview with Elias check here:

Representing in the name of Goslings

11312997_667300250069772_7385132395128466937_o Henrik Hammer – Geranium Gin and Old English

13243794_10153637516798450_4551881150133556874_o Lasse Rishøj – Pure Lakrids

13174155_10156905654505319_8152385844036719551_n Anders Snede – Pure Lakrids

10550817_10152257872857283_9021543270028699357_n Magnus Hamann – Blind Tiger Gin

12249890_10207338304751367_6844375902058537068_n Rene Flap Jack – Crystal Head Vodka and Silent Pool Gin

10469300_10152561781017872_4413475274190638187_o Morgan Dubreuil – Chartreuse

Morgan visited us for a talk about his new role as ambassador for Chatreuse, watch it here:

Morgan Dubreuil – Brand Ambassador for Chatreuse

Skærmbillede 2016-07-14 kl. 10.33.17 Matias Svensson – Reserve Brands (Diageo)

10369605_10202599263557613_7571508758239247970_n Aurimas Mul – Marie Brizard

Jesper Kjær Jesper Kjær – William Grants

13815199_10154883798150616_1533705735_n Martin Markvardsen – Highland Park, Edrington

11053255_1110112682349167_1080300111447423988_o George Booth – Patron Tequila

Frederik Hallas – Jägermeister

Antony Friel – Bulleit Whiskey

 Megan Hennessy – Jameson


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