The essentials of making a tiki drink – how to do it

In this small article we will go into the details of Tiki cocktails and what I believe is needed to create a Tiki drink. A few small hints are:

Let the rum shine through the drink!

13933489_10153739648086198_1430488048_n * To find part 1 about tiki culture check this out!

Use spices, ginger, herbs and liqueurs like Falernum, Pimento Dram, Chartreuse, Absinthe and bitters!

Bring out your blender and learn the technique of flash blending.

Get some of the fantastic handcrafted Tiki mugs to serve your drink in!

How to make a tiki classic

Serving more than one person? Bring out the bowl, treasure chest, conch shell, boot or any other large vessel and serve with long straws!

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Find your old Hawaii shirt with the lovely coconut buttons to relax and have some fun! Really who can resist an handsome bartender in a hawaii shirt!? 😉
Number one of the Tiki bartenders arsenal to create a fantastic cocktail for you is Rum, Ron, Rhum, Rom! You need a lot of it! In the old classic Tiki drinks they used several different types of rum in each drink with their own unique flavours, and mixing these unique flavours would give you a deeper and more complex flavour profile.
If you learn how to mix your rum properly, nothing can stop you! This will also make you learn about the wonderful world of rum, all from the high esters sunshine from Jamaica to the darker rum leaving Bermuda.

To make your Rum come to life use Pimento Dram, Orgeat, Falernum, Chartreuse, Bitters, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Ginger amongst other things.

Like the jacks you don’t need to worry about scurvy, Tiki drinks normally are packed with vitamin c, but in small doses it should never overpower the Rum. For citrus fruit juices always use them straight from the fruit, there is no exception here squeezed upon order. Other fruit juices are a bit trickier, if you own a raw juicer you are home free otherwise find a good brand that is not from concentrate.

Time to face the next problem how do you mix it?

Bring out your blender of course! The blender is a great tool and will make you serve several drinks at once, the blender will make your drink velvety smooth when using fresh fruit like pineapple, mango, papaya even avocado! Why not throw a stick of unsalted butter in aswell for the smoothest of textures.

13942699_10153739640381198_1909768540_n *Want to know how to make that tiki drink you´ve never heard of – Pearl Divers Punch

Mastering the technique of flash blending will make you serve your drink fast, just blend on high speed for 5 seconds, this technique is used when there isn’t any fresh fruit in the drink and you don’t want to dilute the drink to much.

You will also find use your shaker, jam jar, barspoon with a skull on top, swizzle stick.

Time to serve your great concoction!

Go out there and find some Tiki mugs! These are collectibles and you can trade them with strangers, friends and family! While you are waiting for your shipment of mugs any vessel will do that can hold your drink!


The old Tiki masters also were great at making your drink look like a million dollars. Pimp your drink with hibiscus flowers, fresh fruit, bamboo, monkeys and fire(use extreme care this is dangerous).

To fire up the drink, soak a sugar cube in 151 rum light it on fire and sprinkle some cinnamon on top. This is all you need to do at home or in your regular bar. Be careful yet again, I had several guests that wanted to take picture with drinks on fire and lit their hair taking a selfie.


Using these ingredients and techniques will make you create a drink that’s pack a punch, tastes of rum, is refreshing, spicy, has layers of flavours and more complex than to understand women.


Okole Maluna! Bottoms up! Skål!

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