The father of modern classics

Richard Arthur ”Dick” Bradsell

As the professional, serious and ambitious bartender you are, without a doubt you are more than familiar with the classics such as Espresso Martini, Bramble and Treacle. These modern classics have become well known and well ordered cocktails around the world.

For some it might have skipped by more or less unnoticed BUT on the 27th of february yet another legend ”left” the industry. Dick Bradsell passed away peacefully only 56 years old. He had been fighting brain cancer for a while according to his daughter.

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Dick Bradsell was the man who invented the above mentioned classics among other great drinks. Mr. Bradsell is known to have been a very big influence on the revival of the classic cocktail culture in London that took place through out the 90´s. He started behind the stick at London bars at a time when most other guys working there where immigrants just trying to make a living. He took his carreer choice seriously and throughout the 80´s and 90´s he worked at several bars in the UK and trained or inspired bartenders form around the world. Needless to say Dick Bradsell have had a huge impact on the cocktailscene as we see it today. I mean, who else can you mention that is credited with several modern classics known world wide.

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Although Dick Bradsell has created famous cocktails he always emphasized the importance of service being the most important skill for any bartender. ”The guest doesnt care about who you are, he just wants a good drink and quickly!”, his daugther Bea Bradsell quotes her father for Drinks International.

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