One of the most alcoholic drink in the world

Everclear, 190 proof Grain Alcohol

This brand is sold by the American company Luxco and has just arrived on the Danish market via Sprit & Co. It´s a somewhat crazy product that holds 190 abv (95% alcohol) made from corn. Needless to say we don´t recommend that you use this for your Old Fashions.


Everclear is one of the most potent alcohol on the market – it´s simply impossible to make anything stronger than 191 proof. This also means that it is extremely pure and clean product because of its high content of alcohol. So don´t go, “I get a little of this on the nose and a little of that on the palet”…this is the real deal 😉

Everclear have also made it into Guiness book of world records holding the title as “The most alcoholic drink in the world”.

This new product is really something special worth trying out however be careful – the high alcohol content get´s you drunk faster than you can feel it…

Everclear can add interesting layers to any cocktail you create and due to it´s high alcohol content it works great for extracting flavors.

We wish you good luck with this 😉

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