The most popular drinks – Curfew

Ever wondered what is popular from the menu at some of the great bars in Copenhagen? Today we feature Curfew and give you the top 5 popular drinks from their menu…

Curfew is a very stylish cocktailbar in Vesterbro with design inspired by the portuguese roots of the owner, Humberto Marques. You can read more about Humberto and his journey in the spirits- and cocktail industry in one of our first posts ever here on Bag om Baren; A lifetime behind the bar.

Curfew is a experimental bar creating amazingly balanced cocktails and using ingredients you don´t see everywhere AND oldschool bar gear and gadgets collected by Humberto throughout decades. Check out the top 5 most popular drinks from their menu below.


5 cl. Hendrick´s Gin
2 cl. Cointreau
3 cl. Lemon juice
2 cl. Honeysirup
2 slices of cucumber
Tsp. licorice powder

Curfew Punch

3 cl. Ron Zacapa 23
2 cl. Curfew peach cognac
2 cl. Orange curacao
3 cl. Passionfruit
3 cl. Limejuice
2 cl. Lemongrass tea syrup
2 Tsp. rose pepper

Little Dragon

5 cl. Tanqeray
2 cl. Dry sack
5 cl. Mango puré
3 cl. Lemon juice
2 cl. Honey sirup
1/2 Tsp. green matcha tea powder
2 sprigs of tarragon

Old Fashion

6 cl. Bulleit bourbon
1 Demerara sugar cube
2 Dashes angostura bitters
2 Dashes orange bitters

El Obsequio

6 cl. Bacardi carta blanca
3 cl. Limejuice
2 cl. Mimosa sirup
1,5 cl. Cocchi americano

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