The most popular drinks – Gilt

Ever wondered what is popular from the menu at some of the great bars in Copenhagen? Today we feature Gilt Cocktail Bar and give you the top 5 popular drinks from their menu…

Gilt is one of the earliest cocktail bars in Copenhagen along with K-Bar and Oak Room. Peter Altenburg has been a major force in helping the Copenhagen cocktailscene evolve over the years. He recently announced that he will be joining forces with Victor Hägglund from Holmens Kanal 7 in Gilt and future project to come…

Rhubarb Sour
5 cl. Rhubarb Bourbon
2 cl. Lemon juice
1 cl. Sugar syrup
2 cl. Eggwhite

Port of Chamomille
4 cl. Chamomille rum
1 cl. Ruby Port
Top with grapefruit soda

Pear and Rosemary
4 cl. Rosemary gin
4 cl. Pear juice
1,5 cl. Lemon juice
1 cl. Champagne syrup

Beet Me Hemmingway
4,5 cl. Beetroot rum
0,5 cl. Maraschino
3 cl. Applejuice
2 cl. Grapefruitjuice
1 cl. Limejuice
Café Negroni
3 cl. Coffee Vermouth
2 cl. Campari
3 cl. Beefeater gin

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