The Nuance Copenhagen Shaker

A drink is not just a drink and the tools used for making it is not just tools. The Japanese have their special bar equipment, long spoons and tall jiggers etc. Todays´ article features a new nordic edition to the bartenders toolbox – The Nuance Copenhagen Shaker.

“With its´modern art deco design Nuance Copenhagen Shaker is straight out of the popular tv series “Mad men”.

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“Acknowledging that trendy design is incomplete without sublime functionality, design pair Karina Mencke and Marcus Vagnby involved bartender Humberto Saraiva Marques from Curfew in the process of making the cocktail shaker.”

Humberto is a guy who cares about the details, we know this from our very first article on Bag om Baren which you can check out here:


“The Nuance Copenhagen Shaker is designed to cool the cocktails immediately after only a few shakes because of the top and bottom  being made from stainless steel. The double “walls” also helps chill the drinks faster than an ordinary shaker. When guests are enjoying their drink sitting in the bar, the double “walls” also help reduce noise from the shaking of cocktails with the ice against the inner surface of the shaker.

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Humberto explains that the shaker contains 0,7 l. so it can make 2-3 cocktails at the time. The ripped surface on the outside makes it very easy to open and therefor efficient to work with.”

If you, after reading this article, are interested in buying the shaker you can find it here:

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