The Tiki Bar

When entering a Tiki bar, one all of a sudden start dreaming away to an island paradise filled with rum, white beaches, flowers and music, a paradise more or less.


*Do you know your tiki history?? If not expand your horisont here

To make you feel so relaxed and at home is one of my favourite charms with a proper Tiki bar. No matter if you enter the bar in a suit, as soon as a lei is around your neck reality andy problems starts fading away.

14011833_10153763667981198_1266707668_n *Want to know hot to make a tiki drink – check this out

So what should your Tiki bar look like? You open the door and…

  • There are waiters and bartenders in Hawaii Shirts.
  • There is an indoor Thatch roof with pufferfish lamps hanging from the ceiling.
  • The tables are made of dark wood and maybe an old rum barrel.
  • Bamboo, bamboo everywhere!
  • Cocktails on fire, served in Tiki mugs and big enough for several people to share.
  • There is an indoor swimming pool with a band stage. Oh, wait then you must be at the Tonga Room & Hurricane bar in San Francisco.
  • All the godlike Tikis!
  • Best of all is the spirits shelf! Filled to the brim with heavenly Rum!


Music wise it differs from place to place, Exotica is probably the most traditional music, together with the rockabilly! Swing, Blues, Soul, Rock, Surf anything goes as long as it is made with the same passion as the drinks.

I really think it is time for you to get your Hawaii shirt on, open the door to the nearest Tiki bar and order a Zombie!

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