What does the bartender drink – Cecilie Kragboell

Cecilie Kragbøll

Bartender at Honey Ryder, Hotel 27


What do you drink when you…

…go on a date?

“When I go out with my husbond we like to drink wine for dinner or a Guldtuborg at some bodega.”

…are get off from work?

“After work a gin and tonic work just right for me!”

…go out?

“When I go out a love a good negroni, it is my go-to cocktail. Besides that I usually find a signature-cocktail on the bars menu to try something new and get an idea of what my collegues in the industry are working with.”

…have dinner with friends or your partner?

“When we cook dinner for our friends sometimes we throw a pitcher of margaritas on the table and a bottle of mezcal…gin + tonic often finds its way to the table as well.”

…relax at home on the couch?

“At home, when Im not going with a glass of wine, right now I like lillet rose with soda or tonic. During the winter a glass of portwine works for me.”

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