What does the bartender drink – Denise Borkhardt

Denise Borkhardt

Bartender, Lidkoeb


What do you drink when you…

…go on a date?

“Champagne! I get a little silly but not hammered like I would from cocktails….also it´s elegant and sexy.”

…are get off from work?

“Beer, usually IPA because then I can still bike home (it is actually the only time I drinks beer). Sometimes I enjoy a little whiskey on the side if I discussing the situation of the world”

…go out?

“EVERYTHING! As long as its not too sweet because then I can´t keep drinking…Normally I finish off with straight up cocktails, because well it´s my favorits, however it usually is a bad idea at this time of the night.”

….have dinner with your friends, family or other half?

“With my boyfriend I drink wine or sangria. If I make sangria its safe cheap points in his book” 😉


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