What does the bartender drink – Gobo Hansen

Gobo Hansen

Barmanager at Ruby


What do you drink when you…

…go on a date?

“Well it varies. I do not always go to cocktailbars on dates. But if it is a cocktailbar I really like to drink suze & tonic, because it is very refreshing, a little bitter and simpel drink. Generally I like different spirits mixed with tonic. Another thing is that sometimes when working in this industry it is a bit too easy to get into the habit of drinking a bit too much in some periodes. That´s when Suze & tonic comes in handy: it is low in alcohol and you only use 4-6 cl in a drink, so its not to unhealthy and you dont get quite as drunk.”

…are get off from work?

“A coke to get some sugar after a long shift.”

…go out?

“Again, Suze & tonic or maybe beer. Its simpel and not to strong on alcohol compared to a cocktail.”

…have dinner with friends or your partner?

“Wine…it is just really cosy to share a bottle of red wine for dinner and most people like it. And its easy.”

…relax at home on the couch?

“At home I really like drinking applejuice, no alcohol.”


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