What does the bartender drink – Rene Flap Jack

Rene Flap Jack

Bartender, Lou Lou


What do you drink when you…

…go on a date?

“Champagne cocktails or a glass of wine, because it is light and refreshing.”

…get off from work?

“After work I prefer beer. Im a big fan of beer and drink everything from pilsner to stout or ale types.”

…go out?

“It depends what mood I´m in. Some days I like to try out new beers while other days tequila will be my drink of choice.”

….have dinner with your friends, family or other half?

“For a dinner I like to share a nice bootle of wine.”

…relax at home on the couch?

“When I relax on the couch will most likely be with something non alcoholic like sweet tea. IF I´m in the mood for alcohol it is a nice whiskey or rum that will do the trick for me.”

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