What does the bartender drink – Ted Dako

Ted Dako

Bartender/partner, Dako Consulting, We Got Spirit, Danish National Champion in classic cocktail

Ted 1

What do you drink when you…

…go on a date?

“Actually I don´t think I have ever been on a date…but if I were to go on a date I would probably go with red wine. It´s easy and most people like it.”

…are get off from work?

“1 or 2 fesh pots (shots) of tequila Ocho and I cold Brooklyn IPA or a Negra Modelo.”

…go out?

“It depends on where I´m going. If it is a cocktailbar I like to try their signature cocktails but other than that it is mostly beers, tequila/tonic and tequila shots of course” 😉

….have dinner with your friends, family or other half?

“If I´m in charge of the dinner I like to pair it with cocktails. If I´m at a restaurant with my girlfriend, we drink wine. She prefer white wine and I´m more a red wine kind of guy. I really like cocktails paired with food, but it should be low abv and specifically made for the courses which not everyone does.”

…relax at home on the couch?

“I enjoy great mezcal or whisky at home.”


*Ted won the Danish World Class Finals in 2015 which you can read more about here

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